12/03/2020 @ 8.00PM - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Guidance Update

The government has announced today that we are moving out of the containment phase and into the delay phase of their plan.  In response to this we are increasing what we do as a church family.

General precautions

In addition to the previous precauions in place new guidance has just been given.

  • The government advise anyone who shows certain symptoms to self-isolate for 7 days.  This means stay at home and don't come to the church building or assocated community events.   Symptoms are: A high temperature (37.8 degrees and above), A new continous cough.

To repeat

  • Please continue to follow PHE, WHO and NHS guidlines with regards to hand washing.
  • We would also ask anyone who has travelled from infected areas, including Asia, Italy and Iran in the last 14 days, to not attend any church events.

The future

  • We will keep closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and, follow advice from Public Health England, AOG UK and the Church of England.
  • We may need to implement social issolation in the coming weeks.
  • We are currently reviewing the use of our Live Streaming Services and are currently developing online social networks.  We still love you and still want to keep in touch!

Please DO NOT ATTEND CHURCH if you are in a period of self, or mandated isolation.

Please visit this page frequently to keep up to date with our current status

It is our desire to keep everyone as safe as possible, whilst being able to continue to show a meaningful expression of community faith, during these troubled times.

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